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This document details crucial information about our professional services and business policies. Please read the following document with care and make a note of any questions you may have.


 Therapy sessions
Therapy sessions typically run for 50 mins and take place on a weekly basis. 


Therapy often lasts for 6 -18 sessions, however long-term therapy is also an option.  Your progress will be reviewed regularly.  You are under no obligation to continue sessions.

A commitment to prioritise and attend sessions is required. This means protecting the time you have identified to commit to therapy, planning ahead and arriving to sessions on time. It will not be possible for your session to be extended if you arrive late.


Our sessions are confidential. It is important that during our sessions together, you feel you can talk openly and that your right to privacy is protected. This generally means that ipsychology will not discuss you or your case with any third parties without your consent. 

There are, however, some limitations to confidentiality, where a psychologist will be required to break confidentiality without a client’s consent: 


  1. At times a psychologist may need to contact the client’s GP/next of kin, or other professional involved. This would normally be done with the client’s permission and would be discussed in the session prior to any contact. However, if the client’s or another person’s safety were severely jeopardised in the psychologist view, they may contact the external services without the client’s permission.

  2. In a court of law, a psychologist may be required to answer questions about a client.

  3. Where the information is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained. This includes instances in which the psychologist considers the client or others to be in imminent danger.

  4. It is recommended that parents are aware of the general session content for clients under 16 years old so that they can support change. The psychologist will work with the young person to decide what information they would be comfortable sharing.


Where possible we will always attempt to speak to you before breaking confidentiality. 

Please note that email communication is not technically secure, and we encourage you to only share a minimal amount of information via email. 


Contact outside of sessions

The contact details we have provided you with, are to be used for session cancellations or alterations. 


The contact details we have provided are not always manned and messages will only be picked up on an irregular basis. We will however reply to all messages as soon as possible.


Ipsychology does not offer emergency assistance.  If you are concerned about an immediate risk of harm - either to yourself or someone else - phone 999. If it is not an emergency, but you require urgent advice, call 101. Visit your local Accident & Emergency department if necessary.



Psychologists regularly present their work in clinical supervision. The aim of this is to monitor and improve the clinical work undertaken. They do not reveal individual identities during these sessions and supervision itself is confidential between therapist and supervisor.


Payment of sessions
Please pay at the beginning of each session.

If paying by bank transfer, please ensure payment is sent 24 hours before the session. If payment is not received in this time, a reminder will be sent. 

There is a charge for attending meetings, making phone calls and writing letters, which can be discussed if required.  

Payments via insurance companies
You may be able to cover the cost of your therapy sessions via your insurance policy. Please check with your provider to inquire about your personal coverage for psychological services. 

An authorisation number is required before therapy can proceed. Please note that insurance claims and excess or outstanding fees remain your responsibility. In addition, cancellation fees cannot be charged to insurance companies, and you will be personally responsible for any cancellation fees incurred.


If more than two cancellations occur within a six-month period (except for illness/emergency related cancellations)  – this will lead to a discharge from therapy.  


If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please allow a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, otherwise you will be charged the session fee. 

Non-attendance is considered a cancellation and the full session fee will be charged.

Please note that cancellation fees cannot be charged to insurance companies, and you will be personally responsible for any cancellation fees incurred.

There may be occasions when your session will be cancelled because of holidays, illness or because of attending training sessions or meetings etc.,


  • Ipsychology will try to give you as much notice as possible of any cancellation, and

  • Ipsychology will offer an alternative time or an online session, when convenient.


There is no charge when your session is cancelled by ipsychology as a result of the above.

Ipsychology does not grant refunds for services rendered. 

No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of session.

Policy updates:
Ipsychology reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If changes are made to this policy, you will be notified.


Acknowledgment and Consent

By attending your session, you are acknowledging that:

  • You understand and agree to abide by the policies detailed in the patient contract;

  • We have discussed and clarified any questions you may have about this document.

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